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"Creativity never goes out of style"

Spoiled, by the most wonderful humanoid ever~

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just because

~just because flowers and a splurge

I am so excited to own this palette. I am even more excited that I get to call the kindest, most generous, loving and wonderful fiance, husband soon.

I have coveted this palette for a few months now. I silently yearned for this beauty, and after one tiny brief remark to my loving fiance, these bad boys are mine.

Bad boy meaning the beautiful Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette but even more so meaning the amazing and wonderful fiance, that took my ‘….if you ever wanted to get me something, like ever, here’s an idea…’ comment and treated me to this wonderful palette the very next day! Then I get flowers delivered to top it all off? During the first week back to school? How did I get this lucky?! (Note to Self: remember this for future arguments, J-1 million L-0)

I definitely plan to review this, once my nerves calm from the excitement of blending these oh-so-buttery shades.

Stay tuned!!

Thanks for the lookie loos lovlies~



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Blog-cation and what I’ve been crafting!


Ello Loves!! I seem to have taken an unintentional blog-vacation for the past few weeks but summer time is unavoidable for fun and laziness, ….and summer time in TEXAS is nearly unbeatable (specifically when you find your local pool!) wpid-img_20150619_191243237.jpg

Summer has come and stayed in my neck of the woods (which really isn’t wooded at all) but I do get humongous woodland creatures from time to time. such as this mammoth sized butterfly. I could have reached out and let it crawl on to my hand it was so close. But alas, the heepie geebies of having something crawl on you prevented that, I promise you!


Since having almost nothing require my brain to work any harder than channel surfing, I’ve had a boom in creative and crafty urges to tempt my procrastinator soul. I’ve cracked out my old sketch book and compass, bought watercolor pencils and paper, made my own travel sketchbook, created a few Harry Potter crafts and even bought a quill and inkwell of India ink.

I have never been the best at drawing but my mind won’t stop trying to make it a thing. I also have terrible penmanship, but again, my hands won’t stop trying to improve. I’ve realized using a quill and ink makes my cursive bearable. WHO KNEW!? I also feel like I’m writing love letters to a time traveler every time I bust out my DIY Suede covered journal.

I’ve also taken up acrylic nails again. These poor minuscule natural nail beds of mine aren’t cutting the amount of nail polish I want to wear! Thanks to a cheap bundle kit from Amazon, I now have plenty of excuses for doing nails every single day….I have even converted my ‘Halloween severed-hand’ into a chic silver practice hand/client, named Toby. He loves to get his nails done, I tell ya! He’ll just sit there for hours and let me paint!

Looking forward to getting back into the groove of crafting and blogging. Hope everyone’s had an amazing summer so far, and can’t wait to get back to school!



I’m….ENGAGED!!!! Now What?!?! (Day 400)

You nearly give up all hope and have become very comfortable with the idea of a house full of cats and crochet. Since the cat hair would drown in a sea of yarn, no one would ever know how many cats you truly owed! I could crochet-bomb my house. and trees. and garden. This future was a very feasible one, a few years ago, I must confess.

Then seemingly out of the blue. One day.

You find him.

I found him.

The ONE.

….and hours turned into days, weeks, months, years, and all of a sudden in the blink of an eye, you can’t remember Knittingwhen you thought of life without him.

When you find a love like that, you hold on. And I’ve got no plans on letting this one go.

Even if I have to give up the cats, although i know my yarn stash is safe, for he loves my crafty side and will want the skill when we’re wrinkly and gray and cold all the time.

So, now that you’ve got the biggest part of a wedding (THE GROOM!!) out of the way, the lesser important questions arise.

Now what?! When? How? Who? What? 

Where do you go from here?! What should you do first?!

I’m a kid in a wedding themed candy store, and I’m bouncing off the walls. I know this time is always fun for anyone right?? Who doesn’t love to plan a party,!? I am not even worried about the stress of the next four hundred some odd days.

Because it all comes down to the end result. The Grand Finale. The final day as a Miss, before the Mrs. 

Since my fiance and I have been together for quite a while, we’ve both got a good sense of how we would want our wedding to flow. Which is the biggest hurdle to decide I think.

The Style. The Pizzazz. The Date. The Budget. (In that order!)

I started with sites like www.theknot.com and www.weddingwire.com. which are extremely helpful (and FREE!) for when you need to get all your whirling thoughts on paper, or in my case, on my laptop screen. They also provide lists, budget planners, advice, wedding galore! I also picked up about 6 wedding magazines so far.

My mother picked up a wedding planning binder, which has been SO HELPFUL so far! Its got tabs and folders, lists, templates, seating chart stickers, inspiration boards, etc. Can’t wait to document the days of planning, scheming, tasting, fitting, and ogling over all the beautiful bridal things!!

Not to mention, I’ve only got give or take 400 days to get my new signature down! I swear I just got used to signing my maiden name!!


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Tattoos and Engagement Rings

Inked and Engaged!!!


ENGAGED in 3…2…1… 

While, I may not have the best planning-savy fiance in the whole world, but there is one thing I know for sure. I love that wonderful man, more than I thought I could love anything.

After 5 years together, I got the best Valentine’s Day surprise ever!

He’s my lobster.  and I cannot wait to take “My name is Earl”  pictures together for the rest of our lives. babes


Ring Sneak Peek

INK: Ride or Die Potterhead. Broke the skin silence, and ventured to get my first tattoo. I definitely played into the hype about the pain, however with all my other permanent piercings and such, this was easy-smeasy!!


Stay tuned for exciting new adventures to come, I can’t wait to start planning our shindig, but I can’t wait to start the rest of our lives together EVEN MORE!! I am so excited to start DIY-ing and collaborating to create a beautifully unique kickoff to a wonderful life with my best friend.
Join me as I weed through the ins and outs of wedding planning and taking this giant leap to blissful matrimony!wpid-picsart_1408126678266.jpg