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Shaken not Stirred LootCrate March 2015

This is our third month of getting LOOTCRATE. So far, being in a house full of boys, we’ve made use of every item we’ve received so far. This month was especially fun, included a shirt, Mad Libs, Field notes, Stealth watch, Shield Access, Tactical bracelet, Orphan Black comic, and a digital download of Ninjak #1

This month my 5 year old LOVED the S.H.I.E.L.D.lanyard and the CaptureStealth watch as well as the tactical rope bracelet (its a bit scratchy, but I won’t complain when the Zombie Apocalypse makes use of this).

My fiance loved the James Bond Shirt and I can’t explain why I was so excited for the CONFIDENTIAL Field Notes. Seriously, I still love seeing the notebook in my purse and we’ve had it for nearly a week already.

mega crate

We still haven’t won the MEGA Crate yet (LOL!!) Although I am loving seeing what it comes with every month, even if I only dream about it.

Although it works out since we bought a Moto 360 watch already, I guess I can live without an extra!


Sign up here: http://looted.by/bWpGV

$40+ Retail Value in every crate! Membership in an active, growing community. Change to win Mega Crates worth $2000+ in value. All for only $13.84/month with $6 Shipping/Handling.



Author: L.G. McCrafty

While I have ODC tendencies towards neatness and order, I am a total creative basket case! (in a good way!) I have the every pressing urge to make EVERYTHING and put my own spin on something plain to make it PIZAZZ!

3 thoughts on “LOOT CRATE March 2015: COVERT

  1. The black paint on the shirt started to flake off after the first wash. So sad. I thought I had detergent or something dried onto it, but it was just worn away in big patches.


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