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Heat Wave Crochet Fire Truck


HEAT WAVE the Crochet Fire Truck


I get these urges. DEEP. Way down DEEP. Deep in my gut to just MAKE something.

Even if its crap. Even if it is a half-though-out idea, that I am pulling out of my hat to make it work.

It was nothing and I fan-dangled a slew of bits and pieces and I made it something.

Mind you, I may never EVER use the thing that I made. It may just sit in a corner. Lusting after all the commercial things I purchased that get love and attention. But Alas, here this contraption sits. Alone and dusty, BUT Lauren-Made! I.E. My very useful crochet tablet holder….for a tablet that actually has a holder already.

Oh these crafty dreams I dream.

But I digress. This wonderfully COMPLETED craft is one of my favorites.

Rylan loves this plushie toy.

Its quite soft for using Red Heart, however I make sure to wash each skein before use.

It has many uses these days. Pillow. Lego-Man Cliff. Deadly Weapon for pillow fighting.

PATTERN Walk Through

Since I was flying by the seat of my pants on this one.
Basic Shape of Extended Rectangle needed
3 equal side panels, left/right/top
1 Bottom panel, undercarriage 
1 back panel, equal to added size of 2 smaller front panels
2 smaller front panels, equal size, one red, one white
1 strip for face/engine, Crochet in the back of the stitch to get the corner seams 
Mouth/Radiator panel
Lights, headlights/light bar
Bucket ladder
Assembly  Singing this makes it MUCH easier
Connect these pieces from the front back, starting with the face/engine,
Connect front smaller rectangle out of strip and face panels, connect completed section to eye panel, 
connect eye panel to top panel, connect top panel to back panel, connect side panels to long strip made of face, eye, top, back panels accordingly.

Turn yourself around and that’s what its all about.

Leave the back or bottom open, to allow for stuffing.
Measure and Cut the stripes of Craft Foam to fit inside Fire Truck, I used one small section for his face/engine and 4 strips for his body, cut length wise.

Products Used:

Yarn: Red, Black, White, Blue, Gray, Yellow

Square Craft Foam (Cut into stripped and crammed in for shape)

Tools Used:

Crochet Hooks (Small/Medium)

Yarn Needle

Hope you guys enjoyed,



Author: L.G. McCrafty

While I have ODC tendencies towards neatness and order, I am a total creative basket case! (in a good way!) I have the every pressing urge to make EVERYTHING and put my own spin on something plain to make it PIZAZZ!

3 thoughts on “Heat Wave Crochet Fire Truck

  1. I think you should make one. I no a special little person who would love it.


  2. I ADORE heat wave….Im jealous I must say of this crazy awesome talent you have….


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