a craft and a half

"Creativity never goes out of style"

First thing….first?

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Insert awkward introduction here.

Hi…my name is LAUREN G. and I am addicted to Doing it Myself. Its been 12 hours since I have crafted or polished, my last craft was half finished over a month ago and I have not looked at the partially personalized journal my midnight imagination dreamed up in over a fortnight. My last polish was at 2 am on a Tuesday, leaving me frustrated and with only a left hand perfectly polished…

as the distant crafting world chats “Hello, Lauren…..we support your half-finished dreams, Lauren.”

As the youngest in a family line of 5 older siblings, Sister, Sister, Brother and Twin Brother, I have had my fair share of hand-me-downs and blue onesies that were turned into girl onesies by the help of a gigantic bow or flashing sign that said “She’s a girl baby, I swear.” With this I can attribute my crafty skills to a very hardworking family who lived by ‘the make it you with what you have’ mantra.

I was bitten with the creative bug ever since I could climb into my shared closet and sneak away the safety scissors and hot-glue to turn the once grotesque bell bottom blue jeans to my first made-up craft of a cross body bag, with very serious intentions of using this for my many important things to carry at the ripe age of 8. Stuffed with my Polly Pocket, colored pencils and every barbie I owned (in her own DIY’ed Dress) the bag was….at most unique, and definitely at least my own. I, of course, had forgotten to seam the pockets closed and ended up pouring the entire contents of my Lisa Frank Glitters all over our very dense Kelly green carpet. Lesson LEARNED.

As the years have passed and my skills have increased, I find my stash of half completed projects growing and growing.

Mission: Craft COMPLETION, to expand my skills for creating and trying new things, to take my Pinteresting ideas to fruition, also to share my nail art designs and fails, LET THE RACES BEGIN.




Author: L.G. McCrafty

While I have ODC tendencies towards neatness and order, I am a total creative basket case! (in a good way!) I have the every pressing urge to make EVERYTHING and put my own spin on something plain to make it PIZAZZ!

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